Cañada del Avestruz


Cañada del Avestruz - Picual Variety 500ml

Cañada del Avestruz - Picual Variety 1L

Cañada del Avestruz - Picual Variety 2,5L

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The first Cañada del Avestruz EVOO has its origins in a centuries-old tradition of the Cañada family.

 During its long history, they have been in charge of the production of different types of oil: from the beginning until the middle of the 20th century, the production was only of olive oil. It was then that quality began to stand out among the family's concerns and they started to produce extra virgin olive oil. Recently, already entered the XXI century, the brand decided to stand out for the quality of its oil rather than the quantity of production and it is not other than with an early and exclusive collection, which after a laborious elaboration, bears fruit with an exceptional aroma, flavor and appearance.


From Cañada del Avestruz, we work without limits to comply with the two values ​​that form the basis of our brand: Quality and Honesty. We strive for constant improvement in search of quality, sacrificing quantity and providing the fruit with exhaustive care throughout the year. We consider honesty as the guide of our work.