The oil has been processed with exceptional accuracy in an olive oil mill equipped with state-of-the-art and highly advanced facilities in order to extract more pronounced aromatic notes and to ensure the right balance between bitterness and sharpness. In addition to storing the freshly picked olives in refrigeration rooms until their arrival at the olive oil mill, the daily milling of the olives was carried out within maximum 4 hours after the harvest. The uniqueness of our golden bottle lies not only in its aesthetic characteristics, but also in its performance qualities. The bottle completely blocks the exposure to light, thereby guaranteeing an improved storage of the oil over time.The outer package (tubular cardboard) is designed to guarantee an improved thermal insulation of the product. This year we present two flavours of our oil that best represent the region of Molise, home to the territory of the Castelboom Collective.

The Origins

In an ancient valley, located in a remote setting in central Italy—more precisely in Castelbottaccio, a small village, nestled halfway between the sea and the mountains—stands the Rural Temple of the Collettivo Castelboom. A unique initiative that sprang from a rather unorthodox impulse and the “revolutionary” desire to revive these sites and allow them to start over again by returning to the roots.

The Great Arrival

 The original idea grew from the founders’ earliest impressions upon their arrival at this special location. For it was at that moment that they experienced the extraordinarily fruitful and vibrant relationship between man and nature. Driven by this fervent sentiment they have themselves become vehicles of this externally projected vigour, thereby contributing to the birth of a new sense of belonging. Through this newfound synergy, their individual selves penetrated and entered a special collective spiritual dimension, in turn giving rise to a single entity inspired by a deeply-rooted work ethic and a strong aesthetic awareness.

The Rural Temple 

One of the Collective’s primary objectives is the construction of the Rural Temple, a hillside expanse hosting various creations conceived as universes, all animated by a common flow of positive creative energy – and all designed to give rise, as a totality, to a magical place. Walking along the paths of the Rural Temple, we find simple structures dug into the hillside – pavilions of silence flanked by large boulders. Moving on, cool and soothe yourself in the expansive pool among the rocks, indulge yourself with the intoxicating scents of the many surrounding flowers and aromatic plants, and fix your gaze on the majestic seed tower in the near distance.

As we look about the park, we see the vegetable plots inspired by traditional rural Italian gardens. And then we come across the Pyramid, a symbol of rebirth, below which we can descend and enter the natural cold cellars. Enjoy a moment of mental and spiritual repose on the fragrant meditative platform, or let yourself be lulled into divine daydreams in the hammocks that sway amidst the ancient olive trees in even older groves. What’s more, you can give yourself over to the pleasures of the wines in our underground cellars – or enjoy them in the Colletivo restaurant, along with the wonderful fruits of the earth that the Rural Temple produces. In the evening, take in the immense, natural spectacle of the magical sky and its endless constellations, from out in the surrounding fields or lying inside an entrancing transparent sphere. The Rural Temple is both a strongly-rooted and constantly evolving place. This is where magic happens, where you experience wonderful moments and exceptional ambiences that nourish body, mind, and soul.

The Manifesto

The members of the Collective have decided to commit themselves to this location, to planning specific strategies and actions with the aim of promoting real change.
 The goal is to revive this little patch of paradise, encourage people to return and to adjust their way of life in a new, decidedly positive direction.
 The founding partners of the Collective undertake to redistribute any profit derived from our work here until at least 2030.
All proceeds will be reinvested to create and maintain jobs, develop our products, promote the local area through cultural and commercial actions, preserve the surrounding natural environment, grow the value of the local/regional agricultural sector, and facilitate cultural awareness.
We want to restore life in this location through art, culture and agriculture.
 We create to live, not to possess. We, together with our work, are determined and destined to leave our mark here.