The olive grove
Excellent quality from the groove, to the bottle to your tables.

Embrace was born in a 5 ha olive grove, with a thousand Nocellara del Belice trees between 60-70 years old. This renowned and valuable cultivar adapts perfectly to the typical environmental conditions of Sicily, the olive trees have medium vigor, deportment and medium-expanded foliage. During the veraison phase, the drupes darken and take on a colour that is approximately violet, but the factor that makes this cultivar so special is an oil with a fragrant and fresh fruity flavor.

Polyconic shaping system with an 8 m x 7 m planting layout, in a flat red and sandy soil. The olive grove is equipped with a spray irrigation system. We carefully monitor the climatic conditions in order to plan correct irrigation, studying its frequency and volume avoiding water stress to the plant which could compromise the quality of the oil.

The territory

Sicily, an island that contains 3000 years of history and art, the cradle of different civilizations of the Mediterranean, full of stories and mythologies, breathtaking landscapes and unspoiled nature. A great cultural diversity that does not separate peoples but unites them, because each population has left a sign that coexists with the sign of another population, in a synthesis that, as Goethe says “Is the key to everything.” The Embrace olive grove rises right here, in the western part of Sicily in Campobello di Mazara in the province of Trapani, between Selinunte and Marsala. Embrace oil recounts all this: a timeless island, where a journey becomes a journey of the heart where you are swept away by an embrace that you can no longer do without.

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The production chain

We work consciously throughout the sequence process in full compliance with the principles of sustainability and biodiversity, the whole chain that creates value both internally and externally the company is monitored regarding the resources of the territory, the economic and social needs, avoiding waste for future generations. We adhere to the regulation of the GUIDED and INTEGRATED methods of pest control in production. The constant presence in all stages of production and the passion for authentic tastes is what guides us every day in our work and which allows you to bring to your tables a unique oil that embellishes dishes and that warms the soul just like an embrace.

The olives are harvested not fully ripened, during the second and third weeks of October, exclusively by hand and during the early hours of the morning, when the temperature is still cool. After harvesting, the olives are placed in 20 kg perforated boxes, thus ensuring the passage of air.

After a first defoliation, the olives are brought to the mill which is only 10 minutes away from the olive grove. Then we proceed with a careful selection of the olives and start milling, a process that takes place within 6 hours of harvest to preserve the essence of the fruit and make a high-quality oil.

 It is carried out with a 2-phase continuous cycle cold photoreactor with hammer crushers, controlled temperature kneading in the absence of oxygen, with a disc separator. A result that most rewards the quality of Embrace.

The last phase is represented by the filtration process, one of the fundamental steps for greater oil stability and better resistance to aging. The oil is passed into a porous apparatus consisting of hydrophilic substances, a process that removes both solids and excess water from the oil. After filtering, the oil is stored in silos under nitrogen in a heat-conditioned environment and finally packaged in small lots according to the requests. A unique oil, capable of expressing the perfect fusion between the environment, agricultural management and transformation of the fruit into an oil capable of enhancing all the organoleptic characteristics of a cultivar with a long Sicilian tradition.


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