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Architecture, culture, nature and good taste with unique sensory experiences.

Fazenda Serra dos Tapes is the ideal place to connect with nature and discover the benefits of olive oil.

We offer a complete immersion experience in the millenary olive oil culture, with a privileged view, facilities designed for total comfort and safety, in addition to the mill, which has state-of-the-art equipment.

With 210 hectares, divided between the Trapeira and Paraíso olive groves, we are part of the Olivais da Serra dos Tapes de Canguçu/RS.

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Our Story
Passion for Olive Oil

The Pecora Nera Extra Virgin Olive Oil project was born from the passion and admiration that Claudia Santos has for gastronomic experiences. Olive Oil Sommelier and Lagar Master at Fazenda Serra dos Tapes, Cláudia has a degree in Gastronomy, with an extension in French Cuisine by ADF (institute dedicated to French gastronomy founded by renowned French chef Alain Ducasse.
During his training, he discovered flavors, ingredients and the historical influence of gastronomy with the culture of a society. Themes he went on to explore visiting the most different places in the world and immersing himself in all aspects of local cultures. On his journey he realized that extra virgin olive oil is an ingredient present in many of these cultures, always with a strong historical connection with the tradition and lifestyle of these places. Thus, Claudia observed that in communities where extra virgin olive oil is consumed on a daily basis, people have a longer life expectancy, as they are healthier, and consequently this makes them happier people.
Aware that good olive oil has the power to enhance and enhance the flavor of food, Cláudia has specialized in the millenary culture of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, looking for dishes and recipes in which it is the protagonist. The passion for this rich ingredient has awakened a new desire: to produce national olive oils with international quality, introducing the culture of consumption of olive oil in the diet of Brazilians.
From there, his dream began to take shape. Cláudia invested in two degrees, in the best schools for processing and producing extra virgin olive oils in the world. She graduated as a Master Milling at UC Davis (California), Maestra de Almazara and Sommelier de Azeites at Escuela Europea de Cata (Madrid). Studying the techniques of growing olive trees and the processing of olives to produce high quality extra virgin olive oils, she began to evaluate the Brazilian regions with the most suitable climate to implement her project. Soon, she discovered Serra dos Tapes, in the region of Canguçu / RS, where the climatic conditions for the production of olives are among the best in the country. Thus, Fazenda Serra dos Tapes was born, a place dedicated to the millenary culture of olive oil.
In 2016, the first olive grove was implemented, covering 60 hectares. In 2018, it was the turn of the second olive grove, with 150 hectares. And in 2021, all that passion began to bear fruit, with the first harvest. From planting to processing, all stages undergo a thorough analysis by our specialist, who is responsible for supervising the production and sensory analysis of Pecora Nera Extra Virgin Olive Oils.


With advanced technology and attention to detail, we obtain the best from each olive, preserving the natural characteristics of the fruit, harvested in the olive groves of Fazenda Serra dos Tapes, thus maintaining the unique characteristic freshness of the region.
The processing of olives makes the Lagar one of the most important places on the Serra dos Tapes Farm.
On the farm, Pecora Nera Extra Virgin Olive Oils are produced, combining technical and operational knowledge and a lot of technology to create a differentiated and exclusive product.
All stages of production are carried out at the Lagar, from cleaning the fruit to extracting the oil, going through storage and quality control, to bottling and shipping directly to the consumer. The person in charge is Cláudia Santos, our Lagar Master and Olive Oil Sommelier with extensive international training and experience. From the harvest to the Lagar processes, all stages undergo a thorough analysis by our specialist, who oversees from the production to the sensory analysis of Pecora Nera Olive Oils.

" Commitment to the region and determination in the care and preservation of its riches. ”


All olive oil produced at Fazenda Serra dos Tapes is stored in stainless steel tanks at the Lagar, which undergo an inerting process. By inserting a layer of inert gas into the tanks, we reduce the exposure of the product to atmospheric air and prevent oxidation, thus keeping our olive oil young for longer.
With our exclusive PECORA NERA METHOD , only after purchase is your olive oil bottled, packed and shipped to you.

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