Green Sublim 


e are a small family company wich is the result of a dream. Our dream has become true by producing two top-quality extra virgin olive oils. After several years working as farmers, me, Aurelio del Castillo, and my wife, Cati, have been able to produce and market two varieties of extra virgin olive oil: picual and royal. Both varieties of olives are native to our región, Jaen.

Ten years ago, my wife and I decided to change our life. I left my job as a minning ingeneer and manager and we moved to the North of Jaen where my family owned some olive tree terrains. We were looking for a healthy way of life for us and our two small children. We began to farm our olive trees with the dream of producing one of the best olive oils.

We have invested a great deal of time and effort in improving every stage of the farming and the process of produccing olive oil, with an emphasis on taking care of the environment. We carry out an Integrated Produccion Agriculture.

News about Global Warming and destruction of Nature fill us with dismay everyday.
For this reason we wanted to do our bit by mixing traditional farming with new technologies in order to make our company sustainable.

Now our farming searches quality better than quantity. We walk among our old olive trees and we look and caress them one by one, so we are able to realize their real needs.
We use natural ressources to the full: we let a mantle of herbs, grasses and flowers grow between the rows of olive trees. It fills the soil with nutrients and feeds a large variety of insecs, reptiles and birds which pollinate olive tree flowers and contein plagues. At the same time the microclimate created by the Guadalimar river provides an humid atmosphere which let us optimize water ressources.

We also use pruning remains as natural fertilizers. We recicle as much as possible too. These actions are a few examples of our way of farming. Thanks to that, our olive trees are surrounded by a healthy ecosystem which helps us and reduce our intervention to some precise moments. The respect for the environment and the production of the perfect olive juice are the aims of our work. We are proud of the reults and we think that the freshness and green sublim colour of our olive oils are the reflexion of a well done work.

Knowing where our olive trees are located Our olive groves are located over the meadows of the river Guadalimar, at the foot of Sierra de Segura mountains ( Nature Reserve of Cazorla, Segura y las Villas).This privileged location offers us a fantastic landscape and an excellent microclimate. Our olive trees are more than four hundred years old. We have written evidence that our ancestors bought one plot of land with olive trees beside the river Guadalimar in 1645 and that they payed 10 maravedis ( old Spanish coin) for it. Entire generations farmed those olive trees with effort and hope and,without knowwing it, they created a forest of eternal trees which obtein nourishment from the strengh of the mountain soils and quenches their thirst by the humid river atmosphere. We want to be worthy of this legacy by carrying out a sustainable farming with a great respect for Nature. Sierra de Segura mountains represent an unique environment. Its flora and fauna enlarges our olive grove ecosystem. All kind of birds and reptiles help us to control plagues of insects and small rodents, and mammals as wild boars and deers walk proudly among our olive trees looking for pasture and springs. The mountain climate provides olive trees with the extreme temperature that they need in order to produce antioxidants; but, at the same time the river microclimate softens that harm. The characteristics of this landscape poure on the fruits and the treasure that we obtein from them: a marevellous juice full of antioxidants and vitamines and with a very fresh flavour and bouquet. The flavour and nose of our olive oils remind those of green tomatoes, almonds, recently cut herbs… All of them interweave creating a green sublime tapestry, every thread of wich represents the beat of every unique tree on a beatiful land under a starry sky.

We carry out an early harvest in order to obtein a top-quality extra virgin olive oil ( it has a green color and a fragrant bouquet)l. We harvest in October when olives are in their peak condition. We also complement the strict conditions and controls of the olive trees farming by our own analysis in cooperation with well-known laboratories.


We select the plots of land where the best quality olives are grown.


The olives harvest is made with a vibrator and a collecting drawer . The use of these machines doesn,t cause any damage to the fruits, so their quality remains intact. We pick up the olives at dawn . At that moment, in October, temperature is cold so this contributes to keep olives in perfect state.


We carry olives from the plots to the olive-oil mil in less than two hours.


Pressing starts at the very moment the olives arrive to the mil. In order this process was perfect, the factory has been previously cleaned and prepared thoroughly.


The shaking phase is done in a short period of time without adicting any wáter. The temperatura of the extraction is 21 degrees Celsius (which is considered cold extraction).


The decantation between the oil and the water that every olive contains takes place in a vertical centrifuge. We add no wáter during this process.


Oil filtering is essential for proper preservation. We do it with cellulose plates.


The oil is stored in stainless steel tanks in an inert atmosphere in order to protect its outstanding quality.


Olive olil is packaged upon request, bottle by bottle; taking care of the detail. We use special bottles that guarantee absolute light protection of olive oil valuable ingredients. All this process results in a green sublime elixir which offers optimal enjoyment.

Aurelio del Castillo Lopez, C.B.
Plaza Mayor, Nº 8, Villanueva del Arzobispo 23300
+34 619 47 10 54