Lucia Iannotta was chosen as testimonial of Italian Excellence at the 2015 Milan EXPO with a representative statue.
Lucia Iannotta is the current owner of the Iannotta company; she grew up among the olive groves. Daughter and granddaughter of olive growers and millers, that’s why, after her university studies she takes over the family business to create something new, a
modern company but attentive to tradition , devoted to quality and where the difference is made by the details. 


A pure itrana with an intense fruitiness with bitter and spicy in balance.

A complex oil with hints of tomato in evidence.

Cold extracted in the company oil mill , this product is the spearhead of Iannotta, from here it all started.

In fact, in the beginning it was the only product of the company, the first admirers approached following its scents.

As the catalog grew, it became an ingredient in most of the company's products, flavored, creams, pickles, sauces.

Flavored Oils:
Chilli, black truffle, white truffle, basil, rosemary, garlic, porcini mushrooms, lemon, orange, mandarin, ginger.
Eleven different flavors that embellish our extra virgin olive oil.To be used raw on bruschetta, cheese, salads or as a condiment for pasta, they can be allies for creatives in the kitchen.
To stimulate more daring uses, we have developed a recipe book in collaboration with ChefGianlucaScolastra and the students of the ITS Bio Campus.