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The company was created out of our love for nature and Greece, and in order to offer to even the most demanding of consumers Greek products of the highest quality. Our involvement in olive oil production began with a vision: to bring premium quality Greek olive oil to the world and establish it in the world consumer market.


we love what we do...

The aim of the Company is the production of pure traditional Greek products of conventional and organic cultivation such as Olive Oil, olives, honey, aromatic plants, etc., in a combination of flavors for the demanding consumer who knows the good Greek food, the flavors of Greek cuisine and our traditions.

‘We have a passion for Greece, for its people, for the Greek land, for the products it produces, the flavors, the tradition, the history which counts over 3500 thousand years.

Our vision is for the consumer abroad to learn the authentic flavors of Greece through the combinations of flavors, the gourmet luxury packaging and not only that, but most importantly to connect the good appearance with their excellent taste.

Our motto: Good food, Good mood


Where everything starts...

Olive oil was used by ancient Greeks in religious ceremonies and also for therapeutic purposes. Olive oil in ancient Greece was an essential ingredient of the daily diet.
The extracted olive oil was also used as fuel in oil lamps. Solonas, legislator in ancient Greece, introduced laws banning the cutting down of olive trees and urged citizens to plant new olive trees, which were to be treated as sacred, symbols of life, wisdom and prosperity.
KI • RO Divine Creations is a fast-growing Greek export company engaged in the production, bottling and marketing of extra virgin olive oil
from privately owned olive groves in the region of Messinia, with mechanical pressure and without chemicals used to extract their best juices.
Our olive groves grow at an altitude of 350-600 meters in the mountainous TRIFILIA in Southern of Peloponnese of the prefecture of Messinia. The high altitude combined with the rich sunshine during the summer days, but also the cool mountain air produces an extra virgin olive oil with very low acidity, high polyphenols, rich aromas and flavors that make it unique.
With the absolute care and the highest respect for our traditions and the wonders of the Greek nature itself, we ensure the excellent quality of our olive oil from the harvest of the olives to the consumption. Our involvement with the cultivation of olives begins a century ago, grandfather to grandfather, being refugees from Asia Minor settled in Messinia and engaged in the cultivation of olives and the production of olive oil for their livelihood. The family now numbers three generations in privately owned olive groves over 150 years old (centuries old) with over 1500 trees.
Our love and our passion for olives and olive oil brought us closer to working intensively to produce superior quality extra virgin olive oil of conventional and organic cultivation.
Our family, observing the traditions of our ancestors, uses traditional and modern methods of cultivation and harvesting of olives, respecting the sacred gift of mother earth and our ancestors. The olive fruit after being harvested is transferred to the olive mill on the same day in 3-4 hours and its oiling begins at temperatures below 28 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes so that its rich aromas and valuable nutrients are not lost.
We strive every day for the preparation of traditional products with love and passion for all of you, always guided by high quality in order to cover even the most demanding consumers.


Our Products...


Extra virgin olive oil of low acidity from Messinia (Kalamata) of the Peloponnese with rich aromas. Moderately spicy, moderately fruity and moderately bitter taste. The olives are harvested by hand mainly by volume and with machines that do not injure the fruits and the trees so that the quality of the olive fruit is maintained to the maximum until it gives the olive oil. Available in 500 ml glass bottle.


Organic extra virgin olive oil of low acidity with rich aromas. Moderately spicy, moderately fruity and moderately bitter taste. It is produced in the mountainous mountains of TRIFILIA in Southern of Peloponnese and at an altitude of 350 to 600 meters in the prefecture of Messinia in Kalamata from centuries-old trees. These olive groves are certified and inspected by Bio-Hellas. Available in 500 ml glass bottle.
In keeping with the traditions of our ancestors, our family uses the most up-to-date methods of cultivating and collecting olives, respecting the gift of nature and this precious good as our grandparents did. After being harvested, the olives are transported on the same day to the family's own mill and processed using the latest technology and state-of-the-art machinery to extract 'liquid gold' at temperatures up to 27 degrees Celsius and stored in stainless steel storage tanks maintaining all of its aromas and nutrients.

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