Our story

Between the gentle Adriatic Sea, the sung Dalmatian coast and the harsh peaks of Velebit from which the clean and fresh air of the famous Dalmatian bora flows, in the quiet flat town of Nadin, which inherits a thousand-year tradition of olive growing from ancient Liburnia, we planted , under the watchful eye and hands of diligent producers, grow olives of indigenous Croatian (Dalmatian) varieties in organic farming and become extra virgin olive oil from organic farming, which we can proudly highlight on the world olive map.

Our vision

Reference name for the quality of Dalmatian olive oil recognized on the world olive map and awarded for quality at the world's largest olive oil festivals.

Our mission

Organic production and processing of autochthonous Croatian olive varieties with the application of the latest technological solutions and traditional production principles with the aim of creating a top food product that positively affects human health and classification properties belongs to the category of the best olive oils in the world.


Kota olive oil

International award-winning food product of the highest quality that meets the highest classification standards of extra virgin olive oils obtained from olives of certified organic production.


ECO production

The olive grove is located in the Dalmatian town of Nadin, officially declared the most ecological place in the Republic of Croatia, planted on land that has never been used for agricultural purposes. Such land has never been treated with chemicals or fertilized with mineral fertilizers and was therefore ideal for planning organic production which from the outset is based on respecting and improving soil microbiology by retaining existing, and introducing organic organic matter completely excluding pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and mineral fertilizers in production.

Organic production is the greatest guarantee of health safety of food products with the aspect of meeting modern forms of socially responsible business and sustainable development with the aim of protecting the environment and biodiversity. Kota olive oil proudly bears the certificates and labels of organic products of the European Union and the Republic of Croatia on the declaration along with the designations of origin.


Originality and quality

Kota olive oils are the highest category of extra virgin olive oils from organic farming based on the cultivation and dominant representation of indigenous Croatian varieties, especially forms and swallows, which give Kota olive oil authenticity and originality of taste and quality of Dalmatian olive oil.


Top experts and modern technologies

Raising and cultivating plantations is carried out in cooperation with renowned and respected experts from the Faculties of Agriculture in Zagreb and Osijek, so the application of agronomic measures meets the highest standards of organic production in the European Union, which is certified and monitored by competent authorities. The processes of harvesting and processing are led by food technologists in such a way that laboratory analyzes of the fruit determine the time of optimal fruit maturity, and thus the terms of harvest, which may be different depending on the varieties. Harvesting is done manually, and the processing process is done on the same day by cold pressing in the oil mill with the appropriate certificates for processing organic products.


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