La aceitera de la Abuela

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Mantua Carpetana

This is our history

The origin (more than 100 years ago).

La Aceitera de la Abuela takes its name from Mrs. Patrocinio Ruiz, the first owner of the land on which our oil mill now stands. The story begins over a hundred years ago. As life was not easy in the tiny village of Titulcia, my grandparents, Alfonso and Patrocinio, travelled to Cuba seeking better opportunities, taking with them their love of hard work and sacrifice that makes this family special. In this new adventure, they set up a small fruit business and managed to make a fortune. When fortune was smiling on them, they saw it was time to return to the village, their home. They came back to Titulcia, to the banks of the Tajuña and Jarama rivers. They bought a large farm in the village, which included an old flour mill known to the locals as the “Fábrica de Abajo” (literally, the factory down below).

The factory

Our oil press is located southeast of Madrid in the town of Titulcia, 35 kilometres from the capital, olive growing region in the middle of Madrid. Our facilities are the latest German technology, whose method of preparation is cold extraction only by mechanical means.


The Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by the company La aceitera de la abuela ("The grandmother's Oil bottle") comes from the olive groves of the South of Madrid, this is rainfed olive trees frame 10x10, or 100 trees per hectare cultivated with organic production techniques and organic olives that give us organic olives of "excellent" quality and concentration of flavour and aroma, which only provided rainfed olive trees, that are transmitted in full to our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. A production system fits exceptionally «Cornicabra» majority in the area, with an average production of 10-20 kg per tree.


The olives are allowed to ripen on the tree and are monitored by us until their ripest. Olives are harvested only from the tree, not admitting in olive oil mill from the ground. The olive harvest is done by the method of harvesting by mechanical vibrator.This method prevents injuries from the blows of the sticks.


The olives arrive at the trailer at the mill for download at the reception hopper stainless steel, hence it is transported through food band tape into a machine for cleaning of leaves, where they will separate the leaves of the fruit.
It prevents the washing of olives as a strategy to preserve quality natural flavours of the olives themselves. The aim is to use an olive with all its properties and natural flavours, including the skin of the fruit. The cleaning machine is made of stainless steel, both sides in contact with the olive as its exterior.