About us

 We are a family business located in the province of Jaén , an area that produces the best extra virgin olive oils in the world par excellence.

 The company is made up of La Encomienda de Maquiz, a farm in the countryside located very close to the Guadalquivir river , and the Aceites de Maquiz oil mill , located on the same farm.

 On the same day as the olive harvest, we make the oil in our mill.

 Equipped with high-tech machinery and through a mechanical cold extraction process, not exceeding 27 degrees , the highest quality extra virgin olive oil is obtained .

 The different commercial categories that we produce are our Early Harvest EVOOs (October) made with aging olives and oils made with olives at their optimum ripening point (November), all Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 100% olive juice.


We produce three varieties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil


It is our star variety, the best of our oils without a doubt, a full-bodied and powerful oil, widely endorsed by national and international critics.

The most pronounced property of this variety compared to others is its bitter and spicy balance. Also the characteristic of it, in cases where the oil comes from an early harvest, is its variety of herbaceous aromas such as olive leaf, grass, fig,  and tomato.

Another important characteristic of picual oil is its high content of oleic acid (monounsaturated), which can exceed 80% of all its lipid profile. This, together with its low content of polyunsaturated acids, makes picual olive oil one of the most stable against oxidation and rancidity.

For these reasons, picual oil is the most suitable for use in high-temperature cooking, since it maintains its properties during several frying cycles. Its high content of oleic acid makes it responsible for reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good cholesterol (HDL), which is why it is highly recommended for those with high cholesterol. It also helps reducing the oxidation of fat in the bloodstream, preventing obstruction of the pathways, which makes it one of the most beneficial varieties of olive oil for health.


Fresh, aromatic, slightly bitter and spicy, the latter standing out sensually over the former. In the visual phase, the intense green color stands out, outstanding vegetable notes in its aroma and exquisite fruity flavor with traces of grass, artichoke and green almond. As for its entry tasting, it is appreciated as a fine, creamy and velvety sweet oil that evolves into soft spicy tones in the throat.

EVOO Fusion - Maquiz Gold

"Oro de Maquiz" is an extra virgin olive oil of extraordinary quality extracted from olives of the picual variety at the beginning of November when the fruit is in the medium-high veraison phase, turning its green color to a purple color. Collected directly from the tree, it is when we extract an extra virgin oil with more subtle and soft nuances, with a light and well balanced bitter and spicy.

 It is an aromatic and fresh extra virgin, with a medium fruitiness of green and ripe olives with nuances of grass and ripe fruit, light, harmonious and balanced, easy to drink and designed to be used in daily cooking both raw and for preparation of countless dishes.

 We are talking about an ideal EVOO so that you do not miss the habit of taking care of your health and your senses with a product made with care and affection.

 Presented in different formats to meet all the needs of our customers. New technologies and traditional ways of harvesting the fruit work together in the different processes until a final product of excellent quality is obtained.

EVOOs - Maquiz

Monovarietal varieties – Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Picual, Arbequino and Frantoio

 They are juices created from veraison olives harvested in October, thus achieving oils with the best quality. The 100% selection of Picual, Arbequino and Frantoio varieties provide flavor and richness to your recipes.

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