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Combining the ancient agricultural traditions and cultures with the new methods of organic farming, San Martino extra virgin olive oil is a unique product of great quality with an acidity of less than 0.3% and with exceptional and superb aromas coming from the careful blend of different qualities. Coratino, Leccino, Frantoiana, Pesciolen, and Carolea. These qualities combined with the privileged position of the estate, and the absence of pesticides, are the ideal ingredients for a product with unmistakable characteristics. San Martino organic extra virgin olive oil is available in packs of 0.10lt, 0.25lt, 0.75lt and 5lt.
A healthy choice with a delicious taste: San Martino organic extra virgin olive oil …
 “the backbone of good Italian cuisine”



The origins of the Masseria date back to the XVII century A.D. and the building has been recently restored to a high standard, maintaining its original features and is the ideal place for a peaceful
and relaxing holiday in the sincere value of a family run hospitality and natural atmosphere.
You can also admire the limestone caves, beneath the masseria, where there once was an old oil mill for producing extra-virgin olive oil, which is still produced by the current owners of the masseria.
The complex incorporates a small chapel of “Saint Martin”(1826). The main corpus of the church is inserted in the farm building and has a rectangular façade crowned by a balustrade. The rectangular entrance is highlighted by a flat jutting frame with smooth architrave. Above the entrance there is a dedicatory inscription engraved. Every year on November 11th, day of Saint Martin, a traditional mass is celebrated for anyone who wants to attend, followed by wine tasting of the new produce, as the saying “A San Martino, ogni mosto diventa vino”.

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