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Mavroudis family

The Mavroudis family own and operate a very well known, and arguably the largest olive oil extraction mill which services a large area of Corfu, Greece.

The brothers established this modern olive mill in 1992 being the first to use the cold extraction process. Here they process the families olives that they gather from their 2000 olive trees as well as olives from 800 other local families and professional farmers.

The finest quality extra virgin olive oil is the handpicked for bottling.


The Mill and the Olive Oil

As far back as memory goes, from grandfather, to father, to son. Olives and olive oil has been the passion, the life and backbone of the Mavroudis family.

As time advances along with generations and traditions, so has the Mavroudi brothers approach towards making olive oil. They were inspired to construct and actualise a modern olive mill, incorporating their passion for olives and olive oil and new technology. Thus resulting in producing renowned superlative award winning olive oils characteristically known for its delicious and fantastic flavour.

During milling the amazing smell of fresh olives rises and weighs heavily in the air, a fresh aroma that strikes the nose, that same delicious aroma is locked within the resulting emerald golden liquid… A charming ,subtle , almost peppery and grassy flavour combining with the oils smooth texture ,leaving a distinctive and invigorating punch. Mavroudis olive oils have their own distinguished and individual tastes, great for any culinary dish, from baking to drizzling, to marinades to dipping.

Olive Grove

The Mavroudis family are the proud owners of 2000 olive trees thriving in numerous olive groves , a large proportion being from the Lianolia kerkira some of which are up to 700 years old !! a variety native to Corfu and the Ionian sea region . Under the right conditions and care ,produces an exceptional quality extra virgin olive oil , usually high in beneficial polyphenols.
Other varieties that belong to the family include the Koroneiki , that have been planted more recently ,and produce an olive oil with an intense green colour, a fruity and delicate flavour and is characterised by a very strong aroma ,rich in precious organoleptic substances and vitamins and low acidity.

Olive Harvesting Method

There are two main ways to harvest olives for oil , hand harvest and machine harvest. No harvesting method is better than the other , the quality of the olive is ultimately determined by how the process is executed .
The key to making high quality olive oil begins in knowing the right moment to harvest the olives. The ripeness of the olives at the time of harvest ultimately determines how the olive oil will taste , greener olives generally produce a higher quality extra virgin oil with an intense grassy flavour .
We begin harvesting in the last weeks of October ,we hand harvest our families olives using vibrating rakes that gently shake the fruit onto nets slightly raised above the ground , so that when they fall they are not bruised .This method makes sense for a lot of the surrounding farmers that utilise our mill too . Each batch will be transported to the family mill and be pressed within 24 hours.

Olive oil Innovation Milling

The mavroudis olive mill is run and operated by the family so giving complete care and attention to the olive oil extraction process and so guaranteeing a premium olive oil. Always using the first pressed ,meaning that the olives are crushed and pressed only one time, and cold pressed method , meaning processing with low temperatures ,ensuring that we do not destroy the high amounts of polyphenols , antioxidants and monounsturated fatty acids that make olive oil so healthy for you . The mill begins production in the last week of October ,running 24 hrs a day , seven days a week through the high harvesting weeks of November and December , so ensuring same day pressing of these freshly harvested olives .Before processing the olives are washed and streams of air are passed through them to remove soil, plant debris,food residues,dirt,grease and other matters.
Our mill is modern and hygienic following all the food grade conditions to ensure the suitability and saftey of the olive oil at all stages of production . Also we keep time of processing as short as possible and so keeping oxidation levels to a minimum , we follow all the principles that result in producing high quality olive oils.We store our olive oils in large stainless inox steal at conntrolled temperatures ,where the air is removed and replaced with nitrogen ,to protect the olive oil from oxidents preserving its taste,the aroma and its high nutritional value. Our olive oil is stored in these tanks and left to settle in controlled conditions for weeks or months to allow sediments to be separated from the oil , we believe that this oil has superior sensory characteristics .

Olive oil Health Benefits

Fantastic source of antioxidants and healthy fats .
Reduce the risk of heart attacks .
Protect against strokes .
Help to lower risk of type 2 diabetes
Improve bone health.
Protect against certain cancers.
Good for brain health .
and so contributing to health and longevity.

Olive oil has been used for thousands of years as a way to rejuvenate and moisturise skin and hair , it has large amounts of vitamins A D K AND E and is a natural inhibitor that helps reduce the damage to skin cells through sun exposure and ageing .

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