Natura Rodos



Peveragno (Ano and Kato Kalamonas) was the name given to an Italian colonization center built in 1931. Here the Italian company “Società Agricola Frutticoltura” was purchased by the Turkish owners of a large area (3500 sqm) wasteland that had some houses with stables with cows and horses. They also had a mosque and it was called Kalamonas.

In this area the company had built a modern settlement in whice rural families who had emigrated from Italy settled there. The rural settlement was equipped with all public services: Town Hall, School, and Police Headquarters. The mosque was turned into a church. It had mills and workshops for the production and processing of products, and it was planted with olive trees, vines, mulberry trees and fruit trees.

This agricultural center was named Peveragno Rodio in honor of the governor of occupied Italian islands of Aegean, Mario Lago. After the liberation in 1947 the village and the company were abandoned and today most of them are destroyed.

 1959: Georgios Kallas (grandfather) with Savvas Kallas (father)

Kallas Family with the children in the oil mill

Press for the olives

Picking grapes in the 1980s from our grape yard

 My uncle Antonis in traditional way of milling olives

1962: Clients of the oil mill savvas kallas (father)

Thumbnail of a traditional oil mill

Press for the olives

Traditional jars for the storage of the olive oil

 Traditional way of milling olives

1960: My aunt Charitomeni in separating the olive oil  

Traditional way of milling olives

Press for the olives

Olives for extra virgin olive oil production

1960: Savvas Kallas (father) separating the olive oil

1970: short meal in the oil mill of Georgallis with the grandchildren

Traditional millestones

Press for the olives

Picking grapes in the 1980s from our grape yard

Producing extra virgin olive oil since 1959

NATURA RODOS store is a local business in Kalamonas Rhodes, near the Valley of the Butterflies. It is an evolution of Kallas family earlier occupation in the primary sector (dating from 1959), the operation of traditional cold pressed oil mill, which produced extra virgin olive oil in the village of “Theologos”, Rhodes.

The love and passion that emerged in these decades of mill operation has created the ambition to promote Rhodian extra virgin olive oil in and out of our country. The aim of NATURA is the production, circulation and distribution of the product in named form to the local and international market.

So at the end of the 90s, Kallas family started the standardization and promotion of extra virgin olive oil, which now can be found in selected outlets on the island. Alongside the launch of the standardization process, in 1999 the company has completed the acquisition and renovation of an old Italian farmhouse and the establishment of the NATURA RODOS SHOP, located near the old Italian village Beverano.

In our traditionally designed shop, you can try the NATURA extra virgin olive oil, honey from different varieties from small beekeepers of the island, as well as local varieties of wines from the cellar.