An olive oil with an aroma, colour and flavour throughout the year.

A high-quality production and variety process for all tastes.

 The OLIV8 brand was created thanks to the knowledge transmitted from generations to generations, so we guarantee a high quality flavour in every harvest we make.

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Beginning our life as Olea Europaea olives, we are honored with an all-natural extra virgin nectar.

 Our method is based on precision farming, always giving Oliveira exactly what it needs.

 Through an extensive analysis, we determine which nutrients are needed and in what quantity, again reinforcing our commitment to the Excellence of our nectar.

 From each olive, we extract a superior quality olive oil, but we also extract all the benefits for a healthier life.

The varieties that give taste and quality to olive oil


A fresher variant of a fruity signature, with reminders of apple and banana complemented by a touch of dried fruit, the presence of almond being notable.


Irreverent yet subtle, Cobrançosa has a versatile essence where age defines its personality. With a more bitter and spicy youth, a later harvest reveals a sweeter and smoother palate.


The Manzanilla olive is of Spanish origin and is characterized by being very round, fleshy, with a soft pulp, with a small stone and a sweet flavor. It can be consumed in its natural state or used for the production of olive oil.