Paraíso del Olivar




We are a family business ambassador of the quality, taste and millenary culture of olive oil founded in the municipality of Martos, province of Jaén in southern Spain; internationally recognized as the "World Capital of Olive Oil" for having the largest group of olive trees and olive production in the world. ​ Our mission is to contribute to improving health and to publicize the virtues and benefits of consuming the best vegetable oil in the world, extracted by totally natural processes (grinding and extraction with mechanical processes).

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 The Martos region is located in the Sierra Sur of the province of Jaén, considered the province with the largest forest cultivated by man ... olive trees and olive groves.
 It earned the nickname of the first olive oil producer in the world for its quality and quantity of production, obtaining its own variety of olives called Marteña or Picual, the most famous and recognized in the world from where our oil is obtained. which represents 20% worldwide and 50% in Spain. ​
 This millenary practice of more than 8000 years ago (6000 BC) throughout the Mediterranean basin recognizes Martos in the ancient archives of the Roman Empire as the largest producer of olive oil in Andalusia, Spain, a region formerly called La Bética (for the river del Betis, currently the River of the Guadalquivir that crosses Jaén, Córdoba and Seville) region that later would be called Al - Andaluz, in Arab times. ​ ​ Jaén being the leading producer of Picual olive oil in the world, it allocates 80% of its agricultural area to the production of oil and has 60 million olive trees in 550,000 hectares, which represents 25% of the total olive grove area in Spain and 42% in Andalusia, offering a typical and unmistakable landscape, making these lands the Olive Grove Paradise known as the sea of ​​olive trees that aspires to be recognized by UNESCO as a cultural landscape of the olive grove and a world heritage of humanity. ​