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Quality is the key to business longevity. From raw material to marketing, through production and brand care. Our purpose is to bring to people's tables an oil free from any mixture, with direct health benefits.
A national olive oil with the same quality as the main producing countries. Our olive grove, located in Cachoeira do Sul RS, develops periodically thanks to intensive soil care work, choosing the right seedlings for planting, pest control, and pruning techniques. The result you can check by opening one of our bottles the next time you cook.

José Eugênio Farina, born in Serra Gaúcha and recognized national entrepreneur, has always been a big fan of olive oil. As a good descendant of Italians, it was at the table that interest began to emerge. Why didn't Brazil have a large producer of quality olive oil, as there are in countries like Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece? When the first productions began to stand out in the country, he soon saw that this would be his next business.
Moved by the entrepreneurial spirit and life experience, and now fueled by the energy of the grandchildren who showed interest in embracing the project, the search for land, choosing the first seedlings, and planting began. Today, there are already 130 hectares planted, a partnership for bottling, and the first bottles of Pure Olive Oil are starting to hit the market. With unique flavor and a lot of story to tell.

The history of olive oil

Everyone knows that olive oil is widely used in the Mediterranean region. But do you know what your story is?

Geographically, olive oil was born in the region of Mesopotamia - a place that was in the Middle East, between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers, in what is now Iraq. In history, its cultivation began a long time ago: about 8 thousand years ago.

It was ancient civilizations that brought the product closer to Europe and, mainly, to the Mediterranean countries, which today are responsible for more than 90% of the olive oil produced in the world.

At the time contemporary to the birth of Jesus, olive oil was extracted in a press - the olives were placed in a lineage bag and a beam with a counterweight pressed them, thus draining their oil.

The arrival in Brazil was along with the Portuguese. Over time, an imaginary was created that the climate here was not suitable for the cultivation of the plant, which we perceive today is not true. The biggest proof is the quality and recognition that Brazilian olive oil has been gaining in recent times. The high quality harvest and the freshness of the local production show the strength of the product made in national lands.

How to preserve the properties of your Pure Olive Oil

After making the best choice for you and your family buying Pure Olive Oil, it is interesting to pay attention to some details. Our olive oil is 100% pure, bringing the best quality to your table.
 Even so, it is good to be aware of small practices that can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring that the oil maintains its most important characteristics!
1 - Keep away from excessive heat, air, humidity and especially light.
Contrary to popular belief, it should not be stored in the refrigerator. Olive oils are contaminated with the smell of other foods.
2 - Try to store at a temperature of approximately 20ºC.
The low temperature can curdle by altering the components of the oil, changing its taste, consistency and appearance.
3 - Always keep it closed.
So it does not oxidize quickly in contact with air. The recommended is a dark colored glass that protects the oil from oxidation. Pure Olive Oil is already stored in proper packaging!
4 - Be careful with the nozzle of the packaging.
When serving, never touch the food with the tip of the cruet, as this can contaminate the oil and make it sour. Also do not wipe the nozzle with your fingers, use a paper towel.
With these little cares you will have your Pure Olive Oil keeping all its properties for longer!

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