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Champ Soleil

Champ Soleil

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AOP Olive Oil from Nice AOP Olive Oil from Nice - "Lou Divin Préludi" Vintage

The main characteristic of Olive Oil from Nice (100% Cailletier variety) is its incomparable smoothness. On the palate, its flavors typically reveal notes of green or ripe almonds, more or less pronounced depending on the ripeness of the olives at the time of harvesting. Extracted from green fruits, it will have flavors of artichokes, leaves, or fresh herbs. When used raw, it enhances salads and various vegetables. It is superb when drizzled over delicate fish fillets (such as John Dory, sea bream), as it respects and enhances their flavors with its finesse and elegance. When used in simmered dishes, it naturally enriches the composition of most local specialties, especially ratatouille. Avoid frying it to preserve its dietary and organoleptic qualities. Instead, add it at the last moment to foods cooked in a pan (meats, for example). Some chefs in our region even use it in dessert preparations (creams, fruit desserts) because of its mildness!

All our oils should be stored away from heat and light to preserve their main dietary and sensory qualities.

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