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Claramunt Arbequina

Claramunt Arbequina

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EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Glass Harvest 2021/22

The Arbequina variety is native to Catalonia, and Claramunt arbequina incorporates aromas from the land where it is cultivated, giving it a unique personality with nuances that provide a distinctive character. Elegant, joyful, movement, freshness, small beauty...

Flavor: Fruit purée. Attribute: Sweet Spicy.

TASTING NOTES This oil presents a fruity aroma of green olives accompanied by a medley of fruits: apple, banana, and almond, with its aroma slightly nuanced by mature tones.

The scent of freshly cut grass combined with "alloza" marks its personal olfactory style.

With a subtle entry on the palate, bitterness and spiciness balance within a narrow range, impressing with its innate delicate almond flavor.

Vibrant, jovial, and elegant are synonymous terms that directly apply to the range of sensations that the perfume of this oil provides to the senses.

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