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Produced exclusively from the ancient Cretan Tsounati olive variety, EFKRATO is a premium, organic, high phenolic, extra virgin olive oil of limited production which offers a unique combination of culinary pleasure & nutritional value. It is awarded both for its richness in polyphenols (it also bears the Health Claim - EU regulation 432/2012) and its organoleptic characteristics that include aromas of green fruits, artichokes, freshly cut grass, cinnamon, almonds etc harmoniously combined with the characteristic bitterness and pungency of an early harvest olive oil and a long "aftertaste". Enjoy EFKRATO on salads, vegetables, fish dishes, but also on ice cream, fruits or even cocktails & mocktails. Transform even simple dishes into culinary experiences! EFKRATO was created when two cousins, Andreas & Emmanuel, reunited their mothers’ small neighboring olive groves full of Tsounati olive trees, in order to create the ideal version of the same olive oil they have grown up with. The two cousins share the same love for gastronomy & nature, and apply best practices in order to create an extra virgin olive oil that is healthy, delicious and sustainably produced.

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