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FRANTOIO FRANCI Villa Magra Grand Cru

FRANTOIO FRANCI Villa Magra Grand Cru

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil: "Villa Magra Grand Cru" Harvest Year: 2022 Cultivar: Frantoio 100% Harvesting Method: Hand-picked and aided by shakers Harvest Period: Mainly in the second decade of October and early November Extraction Method: Frantoio Franci, continuous cycle Appearance: Filtered Density: High Aroma: On the nose, it is elegant and complex, enriched with floral and black cherry nuances that give way to fresh notes of green almond, kiwi, and artichoke, a true evolution of aromatic tones. Flavor: On the palate, it is broad, with a sweet opening, a pleasant and well-balanced bitter intensity, a progressively growing spicy kick, excellent harmony and complexity, and a long persistence of spicy black pepper notes in the finish. Usage: Best enjoyed raw on tuna and salmon tartare; beans, chickpeas, and vegetable soups; with red meats or highly flavored fish; paired with fresh cheeses; excellent on ricotta and spinach tortelli, rice or pasta with shaved Parmesan, surprising on cocoa and pistachio ice cream. Great for accompanying sushi, with or without wasabi, and traditional Tuscan dishes. Trivia:

Our Villa Magra Grand Cru was the 1st place winner in an international tasting reserved for the best Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the world, organized by the Grand Jury Européen at Chateau Branire in June 2003. In October 2003, the president of the Grand Jury Européen, François Mauss, proposed and organized an exchange of 100 bottles of Villa Magra Grand Cru olive oil, the winner of the olive oil tasting, with 100 bottles of great Bordeaux wines, including Latour, Lafite, Petrus, and Cheval Blanc.

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