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Magon Olive Oil

Magon Olive Oil

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Magon is a premium organic olive oil producer dedicated to quality, health, and wellbeing. Our extra virgin olive oil is sourced from ancient Tunisian olive trees, which have been a major source of sustenance and healing for Tunisians for centuries. At Magon, we hope to transport you to the Tunisian olive fields, one bottle at a time. We believe that health is wealth. Founded by two engineers passionate about healthy and minimally processed foods, Magon is built on an ethics of wellbeing over profit. In a sea of nutritionally void products, we are on a mission to create change. Zero chemical agents or preservatives. Our entire production process is designed to mimic the original techniques that have been used to extract high-quality oil for generations. That means small batches and slow extraction methods. By integrating this ancient wisdom with modern technology, we can honor the olive plant while sharing its benefits with a larger global community. Sharing the power of the olive with the world. When you try Magon olive oil, you can taste and feel the difference that organic cold-pressed olive oil makes. Through our commitment to preservation and quality, we aim to spread the many healing benefits and culinary possibilities of Tunisian extra virgin olive oil across the world.

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