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Picual: Intense fruity, bitter, and spicy. It has a complex aroma with green nuances reminiscent of fresh grass, green almond, tomato plant, and green banana.

Fantastic for salads, toast, gazpacho and salmorejo (cold tomato soup), slow-cooked stews, preserving raw or cooked foods, ideal for ham and cheese, marinating meat and game. It adds a special touch to fruits and chocolate. It is the variety of oil that best withstands high temperatures, making it suitable for a wide range of cooking applications.

Arbequino: Fruity and sweet, with no bitterness and mild spiciness. The aromas of fresh and green olives stand out, along with fruity notes. It is very smooth on the palate, with a predominant taste of green apple, banana, and floral hints.

Ideal for making mayonnaise, vinaigrettes, aioli, fish, seafood carpaccio, and sautéed dishes. It is also suitable for replacing butter in pastry dough, ice creams, and sorbets.

Frantoio: It is a very fresh oil, with an initial intense green color and prominent vegetal notes in its aroma. It has an intense fruity flavor with hints of grass, artichoke, and green almond. On the palate, it starts as a fine, creamy, and sweet oil that gradually develops a gentle spiciness in the throat.

Recommended for enjoying it raw in salads, meats, and fish to fully appreciate its flavor.

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