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Our company is located in the heart of the best olive-growing region in the world, in the province of Jaén, the World Capital of Olive Oil, and in a town called Escañuela. The first step for Aceites Mióleum to offer the best product is the selection of our olives. We carefully select and harvest our finest olives at the optimal ripeness stage, known as the "envero" stage when the olive begins to change its color from intense green to golden/purple. This is the exact moment when its organoleptic properties are at their peak. At Aceites Mióleum, we exclusively use completely healthy olives, collected from the olive groves that collaborate with us. We harvest them early in the morning to ensure a very low temperature of the harvested olives for milling. All our oil is obtained through the cold extraction process. Tasting notes: Intense green fruity flavor with a medium intensity, well-balanced bitterness and spiciness. The nuances are dominated by green tones, such as fig tree, tomato plant, grass, freshly cut grass, artichoke, with slight hints of apple and intense notes of green olive leaf. Color: Intense green.

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