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Monteoliva Oro Coupage

Monteoliva Oro Coupage

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It is made in mid-October from native regional varieties such as Picudo, Pajarero, Castacabra, Jardúo, Alameño de Cabra and Hojiblanca. A clean EVOO with medium-high persistence. Despite being green, it is quite balanced, fresh and pleasant on the palate. It has a green fruity aroma on the nose with medium-high intensity. With very fresh aromas of green olives, olive leaves and tomato. Recommended to serve as is, especially to give a bold touch to your favourite dishes.



About Cooperativa Olivarera Virgen De La Sierra De Cabra S.C.A.

Founded in 1949 by a small group of farmers, the Virgen de la Sierra de Cabra Olive Growers Cooperative has slightly more than 1,000 members with olive groves distributed across small farms located mostly in the Subbética Cordobesa region. Heir to a rich olive-growing tradition, Cabra is considered the geographical center of Andalusia. Its EVOOs are obtained from a wide variety of olives, which are sold under the brands Monteoliva and Monteoliva Oro, the latter of which includes the Baena PDO.
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