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Olea Homeopathica

Olea Homeopathica

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“Theodosia” fresh extra virgin olive oil has been exclusively produced with the use of homeopathic remedies; these are actually energy formulas, i.e. they undergo such dilution that their initial substance ceases to exist and only their energy is maintained. These remedies have been used not only to activate the soil and to feed the tree, but also to deal with its diseases.

The aim has been to produce an olive oil based only on the plant’s vital power, whereas at the same time the purest and most natural cultivation would be obtained. As the name “Theodosia” itself reveals (Theo = God and dosia< dino = Give), it is something given by God, i.e. God’s Gift. Such a gift, a divine Gift, a Gift of Nature is the homeopathic olive oil, which is produced based on the law of similars (simila similibus curantur = like cures like).

The sacredness of the wreath meets the sacredness of the tree, it meets the olive tree of Olympia, of Athens; the olive tree of every Greek land, the branches of which were used to weave the winners’ wreaths, the marriage and the birth wreaths, while some of its branches were laid on the graves as an expression of the universal human hope for the continuation of existence in the afterlife. The olives express this relation in an impressive way: Through decaying and darkness, life rises: Out of its dry branches, fresh new stems shall appear. An olive tree never dies, because it is continuously regenerated! The circle opens and closes. Life goes on. A homeopathic relation with the olive may ensure the similar, the “homeo”: rejuvenation, regeneration, return of life

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