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Oli Oli Frantoio

Oli Oli Frantoio

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The characteristics of the Frantoio olive tree make it truly special, as it is a 100% Mediterranean plant that allows us at Oli Oli to create a 100% organic extra virgin and monovarietal Frantoio olive oil with the following characteristics:

Its aroma is green, bordering on intense, with descriptors that transport us to green avocado, crisp green apple, and, of course, olive leaf, not forgetting the touch of tomato.

The smooth and sweet entry is accompanied by a medium fluidity that allows us to savor a mild bitterness and a medium spiciness with hints of pepper.

Our Frantoio olive oil from Oli Oli is highly persistent, with notes of white asparagus and pepper in the retronasal. Its sublime color makes it an excellent choice for any pairing, allowing us to be creative with this organic extra virgin olive oil in the Frantoio variety.

In 2020, Oli Oli's Frantoio olive oil was awarded the GOLD medal at the Dubai International Competition and the PLATINUM medal at the Berlin International Competition.

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