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This oil pays tribute to the 11th-century Santa Creu de Creixà hermitage located in the municipality of Piera. Surrounding the hermitage are ancient olive trees from which the olives are sourced exclusively to make this excellent oil.

The area is characterized by Mediterranean influence, with dry and hot summers and cold and humid winters. The soil where the olive trees grow is clay loam and low in organic matter.

In this unique space, there are also hectares of forests teeming with wildlife and flora, as well as a large number of vineyards cultivated organically. The harvest of Finca Santa Creu oil is done by hand, making it a unique and exclusive gem.

Tasting notes:

This oil has a complex profile with low acidity and a fruity green aroma.

During the tasting, you can find herbaceous aromas like freshly cut grass or artichoke, as well as aromas of green fruit such as apple, green banana, and green tomato.

The sensation in the mouth is powerful, with a pronounced bitterness and spiciness that gives way to a slight sweetness in the end.

Overall, it is a complex extra virgin olive oil with a wide range of aromas and a very pleasant and balanced finish on the palate.

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