Torre Rivera

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Founded by the great-grandfather Riccardo in 1933, Torre Rivera is an organic farm specialized in the cultivation of 100 hectares of olive trees and vineyards. Sisters in life and colleagues in work, Alessandra and Nicoletta have been taking care of the company since 2016 transforming it from a small family business into a modern reference reality in the field of quality Apulian oil producers. In a region like Puglia, where the production of extra virgin olive oil plays a cardinal role in local economy most of the time quantity-driven, Torre Rivera’s choice is to undertake a quality path, stems from the desire to continue, and bring to completion, a project cultivated in eighty years of family management. Continuity remains the most exact way to say tradition and moving in the direction of achieving absolute quality through innovation of the product and transformation methods. In this path, producing high value olive oil, means for Torre Rivera to reconcile the good with the healthy and has become the goal to be pursued. To date, the company boasts an international success witnessed by countless awards won over the last 5 years. Since 2013, the project of production of superior quality oil has been accompanied by the conversion of about 20 hectares of vineyards on the farm, the obtaining of the certification of a Fully Organic Company, the recovery of the forest and the completion of the orchard.