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Ulivè Grand Cru

Ulivè Grand Cru

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From the meeting of the blue of the Gulf of Taranto and the intense purple of the olives in the Murgia Tarantina, Ulivè Grand Cru is born, a precious EVO oil, the result of a unique terroir of its kind. It is the land that has chosen us to produce a refined oil, an expression of precious and exclusive organoleptic characteristics.


The precious relief on the olive of the Ulivè Grand Cru label establishes a contact with our fruits and the gold of our oil.

The sense of smell is overwhelmed by the depth of the highly perfumed essence of Ulivè Grand Cru, a madeleine that speaks of earth, sun, work, love.

The taste is in ecstasy with every taste of the a thousand combination possibilities with foods enhanced by the flavor of Uliviè Grand Cru.

And hearing Close your eyes, smell and taste Ulivè Grand Cru: you can't hear your heart laughinge?

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