Best Olive oils Cyprus

Olive oil is an indispensable aspect of the Cypriot history, economy and culture. Olive trees have been cultivated in Cyprus for many centuries. Olive trees were introduced to Cyprus in the Neolithic era, between 7000 and 3000 BC, but they were not fully cultivated until the end of the Bronze Age (1600 to 1100 BC), which proves that the cultivation of olive trees and the production of olive oil have been part of the Cypriot traditions since ancient times.

Olive oil continues to occupy an important place in the Cypriot diet, religious festivities and homemade remedies.
Even the Cypriot national flag cherishes the olive tree as it has two crossed olive branches which represent peace.

For some inhabitants of Cyprus, olives and olive oil are the best remedies against the evil eye and evil spirits, as well as blessings for the birth of children, the creation of a new business, weddings, etc.

In the village of Anogyra there is even an olive museum where people can learn about the historical development of olive oil in Cyprus.

The Cypriot olive oil is of the highest quality and its flavor and color depend on the cultivar and maturity of the olives.

Olive oil is used in the most popular traditional Cypriot dishes and even rivals many excellent Spanish, Italian and Greek products. Over the years, it has won numerous awards for its excellent quality at various leading olive oil competitions.

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