Best Olive Oils Lebanon

The olive tree was introduced in Lebanon by the Phoenicians over 2000 years BC.

There are about 110 olive oil producers and the country produces about 17,000 tons per year.

Lebanon is characterized by fertile soil, suitable climatic conditions and a wide range of olive varieties that allow the production of high-quality olive oil with a unique flavor.

There are more than ten varieties of olives grown in more than 6 regions in Lebanon, from north to south, each region offering a distinct taste, specific to its land.

The main varieties that exist are Souri and Baladi, but also: Shami, Ayrouni, Smoukmouki, Shetawi. Each of them is distinguished by its uniqueness, its aroma and its flavor.

Olive oil is today considered one of the most important food products of the Lebanese signature, and a major component of the country's history and gastronomic tradition.

Lebanon has improved the quality of its olive oils throughout the years and the awards that their products have received in several competitions, including ours, are a testimony to this.

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