Conde De Mirasol

In Rute, a dream has come true

If there is a place in the world created to obtain the best olive oil, that is the Serranía de la Sub Bética Cordobesa.
Across thousands of hectares, the perfect symbiosis between the weather and the soil make it the ideal terrain for growing olive groves.
Here is the Cortijo de El Tejar. Family property for more than 200 years where year after year some of the best olive trees in the area are cared for. Contrary to what it may seem when talking about an olive grove, the landscape continually evolves throughout the year. Winter and spring are moderate, while summer days are very hot while the air from the mountains refreshes the atmosphere at night. The landscape is undulating, with an infinite progression of hills, hills and valleys full of olive trees that make it look like a green sea. From the silver color that the leaf has at the time of flowering, through the intense greens and until December when the branches full of black buttons show that the olive is already ripe, the olive grove always invites you to walk contemplating its beauty. Its more than 12,000 olive trees of the Hojiblanca variety are old, with wide trunks, woody and wrinkled by the passage of centuries. Each tree is made up of three feet that, well guided, draw olive trees with a wide crown and long branches that sometimes touch the ground when they are loaded with olives.

Tasting Notes

Fruity of intense green olives, fragrant, with a predominance of herbaceous field descriptors such as the olive leaf, freshly cut grass, wild plants, artichoke and tomato, fruity notes of green banana and apple… .. Its entry in the mouth is sweet, being the bitter and spicy very compensated. In the aftertaste the green almond and artichoke are perceived. The whole set is very harmonious and fragrant.

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Year after year, for generations, these olive trees are pampered and cared for as only the olive-growing tradition knows how to do, taking care of each tree and giving them all the treatments they need so that they can produce an olive of excellent quality.