In a province surrounded by natural beauty,based within the ancient region of Pylos-Navarino in Misssinia,Peloponnese, we nurture and sustain our family olive groves.
The Fresh Mediterranean sea breeze that engulfs them, the mild winters that help them grow, the morphology of the soil,and the close monitoring by our expert scientific team play a crucial role in ensuring we produce exceptional harvests of the highest quality,aroma and flavor with the signature of MONOGRAM.
With olive groves passed over from generations, we share with our forefathers the love and dedication they devoted to sustaining the land.With a desire to carry on this tradition, we want to take this a step further and contribute our acquired knowledge and passion for our authentic Greek olive varieties.
Our team of four professionals has succeeded in bringing MONOGRAM to the forefront of olive oil perfection with their individual knowledge and drive,creating extraordinary products for olive oil enthusiasts worldwide.
Internationally Award Winning MONOGRAM is a proven Meditarranean leader of the finest and most nutritional Greek Olive Products.
MONOGRAM is redefining the standards of olive oil and taking them to new heights.


We avoid late harvest. The ripening degree of the olive fruit is crucial factor both for the oil content and for its organoleptic characteristics.The optimum harvest time offers extra virgin olive oils with maximum complexity of aromas and flavor.
We collect carefully only the « healthy-undamaged » olive fruits.
We have an exclusive collaboration with a high-tech certified ‘’ 2-phase extraction system’’olive mill according to the EN ISO 22000 standards.
We transport the olive fruits to the olive mill immediately after harvesting,cold press and knead them in less than 30 minutes.
We store our final product in stainless steel tanks with inert gas feeding equipement and cooling jacket sleeves to maintain intact temperature and protect against oxidation caused by air contact.
After olive oil extraction , we prefer to filter the olive oil so as to avoid any presence of water or other residues which could lead to the hydrolysis of the phenols.
We always use opaque packages/ containers so as to absorb UV light ,preserve the aroma, flavor and maintain the polyphenol concentration at their initial levels.
Our bottles are patented with non-refillable,anti-drip,and tamper-proof closures.
And of course,we always check every step of the production process through the chemical analysis that we carry out constantly We use only eco-friendly packaging materials so as to respect the environment.


MONOGRAM is not just extraordinary in taste,but it also offers unparalleled health benefits due to its nutrional value.
MONOGRAM Extra Virgin Olive Oil collection contain a broad spectrum of bio-active and health - protective compounds .
The highest levels of the monounsaturated ‘’Oleic acid,C18:1’’ prove its beneficial health impact .According to the European Commission Legislation (Regulation (EC) No 1924 / 2006),MONOGRAM includes on its label the health claim ‘’ high in the Mono-unsaturated fat,OLeic acid ’’ which can help to lower LDL cholestral ,blood pressure ,and risk of coronary disease.
Our early harvesting contributes to a higher concentration of polyphenol antioxidants which are widely praised of their disease-fighting properties.
MONOGRAM is analysed annually by accredited laboratories and is certified to contain an extremely high polyphenol content according to the official COI/T.20/Doc.No.29-HPLC Method recognized by the International Olive Oil Council.World Olive Center for Health (WOCH) has also certified MONOGRAM olive oils as ‘’ Top-High Phenolic Olive Oils’’.
Hence ,MONOGRAM belongs to the category of Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oils that protect the blood lipids from oxidtive stress according to the European Comission legislation (E.U Reg .432/2012).
Monogram is a natural superfood with an extraordinary antioxidant content that makes it a natural antagonist of cancer and heart disease,yet it is a gourmet delight !

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