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Oliva Malia Olive Oils In Karaburun, one of Turkey's largest organic farming basins, in the middle of olive tree forests; produces high-quality olive oils from the olives of the untouched region with its industrial chimneys, exhaust fumes, base stations.
The factory, which started its operations in 2019, cooperates with many non-governmental organizations and associations in order to develop olive production in the region, to provide regional employment and to make more conscious production. Studies continue in the region to protect olive forests and to produce more qualified products.
Since its establishment, it has been working to deliver the qualified products it has produced to its consumers at many points in the country and abroad, especially in Urla, Vienna and San Francisco branches, and to introduce Turkish Olive Oils to the world.
With this perspective, it strives to offer olive oil production, which is one of the oldest businesses in the world, in the healthiest and most natural state, in line with the needs of the changing world, with the power it receives from technology and science.


Oliva Malia collects different kinds of olives grown in Karaburun region, which is unique by nature, while they are green, by hand picking them and filling them in special crates. Collected early harvest green olives are brought to the production facility within a maximum of 4 hours and taken to the squeezing pool without waiting.

Olives are turned into olive oil untouched by hand by cutting off contact with heat and air in the closed-continuous system production track in the factory equipped with the latest technology. Specially produced machines make a healthy and environmentally friendly production with 2-phase "ecological" systems that are compatible with nature. Without compromising on quality and hygiene, it squeezes the olives in an environmentally friendly manner, with very high health values ​​and beneficial components, using the cold-pressed method without mixing any additives.

Oliva Malia Olive Oil is in full compliance with organic certification requirements, has organic certification, and produces with ISO9001 and ISO22000 expertise. The facility has a daily squeezing capacity of 70 tons, and first of all, every product that is squeezed is subjected to sensory and chemical analysis. Tasters who are experts in the field test the properties of olive oil such as burning, fruitiness and bitterness, while food engineers test the acid ratio, polyphenol value and peroxide determination values ​​of olive oils with measuring devices brought from Italy in the laboratory in the facility.

As a result of these evaluations, the products are divided into different categories and taken to the storage tanks in the cellar under the facility. Mahsen is a special storage area that does not receive light at a temperature of 18-24 degrees in all seasons of the year. Olive oils are stored here in tanks of different sizes, without contact with light, temperature and air.

Olive oils are filled into packages by means of filling machines without contacting with hands and air. In order to preserve the quality and taste of olive oils, they are filled in dark glass bottles. Thus, it is aimed to protect from light. Bottle caps are also special caps that minimize oxygen contact. All necessary precautions have been taken at every stage so that olive oils can be preserved until they reach the table.



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