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Hypereleon Gold

Hypereleon Gold

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✔ THE ORIGIN OF EXCELLENCE 2022 edt.:100% Pure & Natural, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, from green unripe olives (agoureleon). From selected groves of Olympia Variety at the highlands of Arcadia, in Peloponnese, Greece. Olive groves sunny oriented, subsoil with natural drainage and olive trees hundreds of years old, at high altitude of the mountains near Ancient Olympia. The place where according to Greek Mythology, Hercules planted the first olive tree, as divine gift for health, wealth & wellness. ✔ THE SPECIAL TOUCH: The combination of high altitude, natural subsoil drainage and lack of water, are causing great stress to the olive trees and force them to produce enormous quantities of polyphenols and other beneficial compounds, in order to survive by protecting their olives. Specially oriented cultivation, preliminary measurements, very early harvest and special procedures are applied, achieving maximum possible natural concentration of these precious substances, for the human health. ✔ THE GOLDEN JUICE OF OLIVE: Superb product of gentle, organic cultivation, with crop rotation and balanced ecosystems with rich biodiversity. Extremely high natural concentration of polyphenols such as Oleuropein, Ligstroside and Oleocanthal (one of highest globally). Admirably high content of a-tocopherol, lignans. flavonoids and other precious compounds. Unsurpassed quality & texture, intense bitter & spicy taste and great aromas combined with priceless nutritional & health protective value. ✔ NEW STANDARD FOR HIGH PHENOLIC E.V.O.O.s: Hypereleon Gold is produced with constant scientific monitoring, specialized quality controls and multiple certifications by international laboratories. An Award-Winning Recipe, internationally recognized and already Gold Awarded for 4 consecutive years regarding High Phenolic Content, Quality, Perfect Taste and Peak Health. Among its 10 top global awards, it has been officially recognized and awarded as the New Standard for High Phenolic E.V.O.O.s. ✔ A GIFT OF LIFE: A priceless gift for yourself and your loved ones. A Natural Treasure with amazing intense bitter and spicy taste with great aromas, which reveals from the first drop the extremely high concentration of priceless polyphenols and many other beneficial ingredients. Deliciously enrich your dishes, while boosting your health and longevity, with this amazing natural combination of the more powerful antioxidant and beneficial compounds of Nature, at extremely high concentrations.

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