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Il rosone

Il rosone

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100% Made in Italy from olives grown, harvested and pressed in Italy - COLD EXTRACTED

The product and genuineness

The most cultivated variety of olives "Coratina", allows the production of an extra virgin olive oil with a pleasant taste of fresh, almond and slightly fruity olive. The olives are picked directly from the tree; this method of harvesting, certainly more tiring and longer, guarantees the selection of the best olives, which have reached the ideal stage of ripeness for the milling process. The selected olives are cold pressed during the day, continuously, thus not undergoing any heating. Our oil is offered in "filtered" and "whole mill" types. The first is clear, opacified by the microbodies of the olive tree present in suspension, the second. Both low in acidity. Unlike other fats, olive oil has a quantity of linoleic acid equal to that contained in breast milk.

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