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Linea Maria

Linea Maria

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There are values ​​that define who we are, fragments of a peasant culture handed down to us from generation to generation through little gestures that become authentic daily rituals. Perseverance, dedication, love for the land and profound respect for the weather: for us at Tenuta Masciangelo, these are not simply part of our work ethic but our vision of life. We serve as the custodians of a generous land, where we spend our days immersed in the silence of the centuries-old olive groves.



About Tenuta Masciangelo

Every moment spent at the Tenuta Masciangelo is a testimony to the greatness of Mother Nature: an invaluable heritage that gives us the ideal microclimate, a combination of the sweetness of the hills and the immensity of the sea. In this little corner of paradise called Abruzzo, our dreams come true, making us feel part of something special. Here, the harmony between man and nature is exalted, expressing the excellence of the ‘Made in Italy’ taste.
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