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Montetucci Premium

Montetucci Premium

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Montetucci Premium is an extra virgin olive oil with a medium green fruitiness, bitterness and spiciness. All the notes, both direct and retronasal, are clearly green, highlighting the leaf, the green wood and the fig tree. On the palate, it enters smoothly and quickly. The bitterness and astringency then appear, accompanied by a spiciness that persists.



About Montetucci

We are extra virgin olive oil producers. Our olive groves are located near Martos, Linares and Mengíbar, in Jaén. Surrounded by the culture of olive oil instilled in the region by past generations, we have thousands of hectares of centuries-old olive groves surrounded by extensive biodiversity. We produce early harvest EVOOs of the Picual variety. The efficient use of resources and respect for the environment are present in our daily work and what we aspire to in the future.
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