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The Víboras River, the old Commandery of Calatrava de Víboras and the Víboras Castle owe their name to an ancient Ibero-Roman city that existed in what we now know as Las Casillas. The Iberian City of Bora was found located on a nearby hill called Cerro de San Cristóbal, which unfortunately has suffered plunder for many centuries .A number of coins minted between the 2nd and 1st centuries BC have emerged from this hill, in which a bull is represented with the legend BORA. It is linked to numerous nearby necropolises that, after the arrival of the Romans, were included in the territories of the Colonia Augusta Gemella Tuccitana and that, if they were excavated one day, would place this small town in a prominent place in Andalusian archaeology.It is believed that the name of Víboras comes from a hispanicization of Bi-bora, as these locations could be called, although other scholars suggest that this name comes from the Arabic Bab al Bora or Puerta de Bora. Part of the rich archaeological heritage was submerged under the waters of the Las Casillas Reservoir where we headed.

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