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Our artisanal extra virgin olive oil comes from the October 2021 early harvest and is produced in the Belice Valley in Sicily from olives grown, harvested and pressed locally. The olive trees are of the Nocellara variety, arguably one of the world’s finest and are tended organically. The olives are harvested entirely by hand and collected early when they are greener and not fully ripe. The result is a more intense flavor.



About Ogglio

Giuseppe Trapani started Ogglio after inheriting a small olive grove planted by his great-grandfather in Sicily more than a century ago. Soon after, a bumper harvest left him with a lot of surplus olive oil, and he decided to bottle it and sell it in the UK, where he lives. With the pandemic, Ogglio became a social enterprise, helping local farmers sell their surplus olive oil, produced from early harvest, small-batch and hand-picked Nocellara del Belice olives from ancient groves.
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