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Our Organic EVOOs

We produce two (2) types of certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) in our own fields across Greece differentiated by region of cultivation and olive crop variety. We are using the cold extraction method in order to maintain the beneficial properties of olives.

The first Organic EVOO is produced in Arcadia, Peloponnese area (Origin Astros) while the 2nd one is produced in Fokida area (Origin Tolofon) in Central Greece. Following production (typically at end of October each year), the olive oils are safely kept under ideal storage conditions (temperature, humidity) in inox steel tanks, protected for oxidization, in our manufacturing plant which also adheres to the high quality standards required for storage and packaging of organic products.


Origin Astros

The “Origin Astros” EVOO is made from a blend of up to three (3) varieties of olives, (Megaritiki, Manaki and Koroneiki) grown in plain and semi mountainous areas of Voria Kynouria of Arcadia. giving a sensation of smoothness and great aroma. The oil colour is yellowish-golden and has a medium fruity and pungent taste.

In its limited edition, the “Origin Astros” EVOO contains a special blend that is of increased fruity and bitter intensity.


Origin Tolofon

The “Origin Tolofon” EVOO is made of a blend of 2 varieties of olives, (Patrini, Koroneiki) grown in the slopes of Tolofon, Fokida Greece. Our olive grove consists of several thousand trees on a gradual rising slope of a low-elevation mountainous
area and most of the trees are newly-planted, producing a high quality thin oil with a unique amber color. The taste is medium fruity and pungent and mildly bitter.

In its limited edition, the “Origin Tolofon” EVOO contains a special blend that is of increased bitter intensity


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