Aceites Mioleum


premium oil

The first step for Mioleum Oils to offer the best product is the selection of its olives. The selection and harvesting of our best olives are carried out at the optimum point of maturity, that is, at its veraison point, which is the moment when the olive begins to change its color from intense green to gold/purple. It is the exact moment in which its organoleptic properties are at their maximum splendor. The olive is still very attached to the olive tree and its harvesting is much more complex, sometimes being done by hand, and requiring much more of them to obtain a liter of oil.

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At Aceites Mioleum we exclusively use Picual variety olives, collected from the olive farms that collaborate with us, harvesting at dawn, thus ensuring that the temperature of the olives collected does not exceed 16º and their arrival at the factory is carried out before 11 am, for grinding. All our oil is obtained through the cold extraction process and after the natural decantation process and filtering with plates, we obtain an unbeatable totally natural product but our work for quality and excellence does not end there. There are other very important factors to be able to offer the best product, such as the exhaustive production controls in all its phases, being respectful of the environment throughout the process, as well as the controls on the traceability of the product from the entry of our olives. to the factory until the final packaging of our MIOLEUM EVOO PREMIUM .