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Egypt, a country with a rich history that extends back to the time of the Pharaohs, is not only home to some of the world's most famous ancient monuments but also to dedicated olive oil producers who uphold age-old traditions to create extraordinary oils. These precious drops are the fruit of an unconditional love for the land, unwavering devotion to craftsmanship, and a commitment to never compromise on quality.

Thanks to the Dubai Olive Oil Competition, considered the best global competition in the field, buyers worldwide now have direct access to these exceptional Egyptian olive oils. Indeed, all the oils presented here have won a gold or silver medal in this competition, and are now recognized as part of the world's best olive oils.

Our mission is simple: to facilitate the connection between Egyptian producers and you, the olive oil enthusiasts. For this, we do not take any commission on sales. The producers set their prices and we pass on the orders directly to them.

So, you can be sure that every Egyptian pound spent directly supports those who grow, press, and bottle these precious nectars. We are confident that you will be charmed by these unique Egyptian olive oils, with their rich flavors, alluring aromas, and unparalleled quality.

Feel free to explore our site and order with confidence. You can now savor the excellence of Egyptian olive oil directly at home, with the assurance of supporting local producers.

We thank you for your visit to and we look forward to offering you an exceptional tasting experience as you discover these outstanding Egyptian olive oils.

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