Olive Oil Producers' Consolidated Purchasing Platform

We know it, as olive oil producers, the bottle is the key element of your brand. Yet, managing it is often the most complicated part. Buying alone, negotiating alone, all of it is a real challenge.

Whether you are a large producer ordering millions of bottles, or a small family estate with a limited series, you all face issues with the procurement of your bottles.

Missed deadlines, persistent lack of stock, constant price increases... These obstacles are numerous barriers that harm your ability to calmly anticipate your next season.

The explanation for this chaotic situation is simple: for glass manufacturers, olive oil is not a priority. They prefer to focus on the production of wine bottles, jam jars, and other products that can be standardized and produced in millions of units. Small series for olive oil producers, each desiring unique bottles, do not interest them.

Your bottle is the final result of all your work, it is the most important thing at all levels, It determines your selling price, therefore your turnover It is the most effective marketing support because once sold it belongs to the customers, it can therefore be discovered by other clients.

The worst thing is to make a quality olive oil, to put it in a first priced bottle with a label It's like building a Ferrari engine to put it in the cheapest car available.
For example, here are the cheapest bottles of olive oil from Carrefour in Dubai

To be stronger and to finally give you access to the bottles you desire, at a reasonable price and in the best timeframe, we propose creating a purchasing center together. Instead of letting hundreds of producers place their orders individually directly with the manufacturers, we suggest pooling these orders. This way, we can finally ensure your requirements are met.

Therefore, this purchasing center is intended for producers who already source from companies or resellers and who wish to obtain either a better price, a better delivery time, a smaller minimum purchase quantity, or all these advantages at once.

For that, you simply need to fill out this form.

The purchasing center will allow for faster responses to your queries, more attractive purchasing prices, as well as the possibility to buy minimum quantities lower than those imposed by glass manufacturers. However, it won't solve all problems. After purchasing your bottles, other challenges remain: label management, back-label management, choice of language for printing, delivery, etc.

Taking into account all these elements, and faced with the chaotic situation in Europe where the energy price has skyrocketed due to the war in Ukraine, we have decided to propose a solution directly from the Emirates. Indeed, there, neither oil nor sand are lacking for glass manufacturing. Moreover, thanks to the significant presence of the high-end perfume sector in Dubai, numerous companies specialized in bottle printing can offer prices much more attractive than those in Europe, with much shorter timeframes.

All of these bottles are printed in Dubai

Printing and storing your bottles in Dubai proves to be a much more efficient solution than doing it in Europe. From Dubai, you can directly ship your oils to the USA, Asia, Malaysia, Australia, where olive oils are sold at much higher prices than in Europe.
This strategy will allow you to increase your added value not only thanks to savings made on bottle purchasing, timeframe, and transportation costs, but also thanks to higher selling prices.

Then, these bottles can be shipped wherever you wish. Remember that in Dubai, free trade zones exist, allowing you to store your products without paying tax.
Plus, these zones offer the advantage of being able to directly re-ship your products, without the need to clear customs again.

If you're looking to develop a new brand or a new bottle, with manufacturing and printing directly from Dubai, storage in Dubai, and shipment to your choice of destination, all you need to do is fill out this form.

Together, we are finally providing olive oil producers with a solution that will ensure their bottles match the caliber of their olive oils. Not only will this approach be more cost-effective, but it will also expedite the entire process. Regardless of the size of your business, joining our Consolidated Purchasing Platform will give you the negotiating power and resources of a multinational corporation.

It's time we revolutionize how we handle olive oil bottle procurement. The solution we are offering is not simply about getting a good deal on bottles. It's about empowering olive oil producers, ensuring your voice is heard and your needs are met. With our platform, you will finally have the tools at your disposal to make your brand stand out.