DUBAIOOC 2024 Early Harvest:
19 - 23 February, 2024

 23- 25 June, 2024

Our Commitment

In 2017, when we started, we promised consumers that we would succeed in referencing the Best Olive Oils in the world, to offer them a direct and intermediary-free relationship with these luxurious products.

After 6 years of effort traveling the world at international fairs, after bringing together the greatest juries and the best chefs in Dubai, and having organized 6 editions

With a result of more than 1400 different producers referenced and nearly 900 winners, we are pleased to announce that this mission is accomplished. Finally, we have moved on to the next step, the most important one for you as well as for us:

The commercialization of these exceptional olive  oils.

The new mission of Dubaiooc is now to ensure consumers who buy olive oils on our sales platforms, whether on the Internet or in physical stores, that every year only the medal-winning oils will remain available for sale

While many competitions promise visibility and sales, the only tangible changes from year to year often are the arrival of new brands and an increase in the cost of participation.

Dubai Olive Oil Competition has been the only one to invest so much in marketing to promote the winners. Today, as we reach the most concrete stage of our work, which is the actual sale through our stores and e-commerce shops, Dubai Olive Oil Competition goes even further

We thus commit to consumers as well as producers that the unique objective of Dubai Olive Oil Competition will always remain to favor this direct relationship between producers and consumers.

If you want to access the Best Olive Oils that we have listed and access the largest global platform for luxury olive oil, all you need to do is click on one of the logos below

To sign up for our next edition, to be held live at the famous international Gulfood fair in Dubai, simply click on the form that corresponds to you

First Participation

375 € / Brand 

DubaiOOC 2024 Early Harvest

For brands that have never participated and wish to join the world's largest olive oil sales network.

It's your first time participating and you want to be part of the DUBAI Olive Oil Competition? Dream of an unmatched opportunity to market your olive oil globally? Your time has come. By registering, you step into a renowned arena where every detail counts.

For your first participation, there's a significant amount of setup work to be done. We need to develop your presentation page, create your product page, and film your bottle for videos. Therefore, for a first-time participation, no discount can be offered

We're committed to building and executing a solid marketing dossier that highlights and promotes your brand in the vast world of olive oil.

Our Winners

175 € / Brand

DubaiOOC 2024 Early Harvest Our Winners

For producers who have previously won a medal in our editions but are not yet sold in our stores.

Congratulations on your achievement! You shined in our previous editions by winning a medal, marking you as one of the best olive oil brands in the world in our eyes.

We honor your talent and dedication by offering a special rate to celebrate your win.

 Maybe you're not ready yet to market your olive oil within our network. We respect your decision, and that's why we provide this intermediate rate, specially designed for exceptional brands like yours.


This edition takes place in Dubai.
This competition is open to everyone but only for extra virgin olive oils from the 2023 / 2024 campaign,
monovarietal and blend olive oils are allowed. (not flavoured)
The jury is international. 
We don’t need your olive oil analysis


Every entry submitted:
2 samples of 500ml
B) 4 samples for 250ml or smaller bottles

All samples should be shipped to the following address:
Dubai Olive Oil Competition
73 Allée Kleber 34000 Montpellier ( France)
+33 7 49 45 46 24


Samples must be sent before 01 February 2023



WHATSAPP +33 7 49 45 46 24