There is no possible sale without marketing.

We have referenced more than 900 winners and we are now going to focus our efforts on the 150 most serious Olive Oil brands.

To keep your presentation page online and be part of the largest global network of quality olive oil, please choose one of the following packages.

Remember that no matter which package you select, we do not take any commission on sales.

Everything we have put in place has been done so that you can sell your bottles with the best possible added value.


59 € / Month 

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For producers who no longer have olive oil to sell and do not wish to lose their listing among the best olive oil brands in the world.

This package allows you to keep your presentation page online.

We reference your brand so that it appears on the first page of Google, and customers have access to your contact details.


89 € / Month

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1 Video or photo/month 

For those who wish to sell their olive oil on the Internet, without an intermediary, directly to end customers.

This package allows you to sell online, at the price you wish, without us taking any commission.

To help you make your first online sales, in addition to referencing you on Google, we offer you one video or photo per month to promote your brand on your social networks.


169 € / Month

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1 Video + 1 photo / month

2 hours / month of Marketing Support

This package offers all the conveniences of the Standard package, with additional tools to promote your brand and additional marketing support.

You will benefit from one promotional video and photo per month, In addition, enjoy 2 hours per month of translation services for your texts or writing for your emails and promotions on social networks.

The Premium package offers you real community management, to strengthen your online presence.


299 € / Month

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2 Videos + 2 photos / month 

6 hours / month of Marketing Support 

This is the ultimate choice for olive oil brands looking to maximize their impact on the market. In addition to all the benefits of the Premium package, the Ultra Premium includes two promotional videos and photos per month

Your brand will also be listed on our page dedicated to oleotourism.

Enjoy 6 hours per month for all your marketing activities, whether it's translation, video subtitling, web writing, setting up hashtags or advice for your image and strategy.

Here you will find the answers to all the questions you have

Approximately how many brands are featured on Best Olive Oils Store?

Currently, all the winners of the Dubai Olive Oil Competition have been automatically added to the Best Olive Oils Store. With over 1400 different producers participating, we now feature about 900 winners on the site. However, our goal is to focus on the top 150 olive oil brands globally, ensuring we feature only the most reputable producers.

Why didn't you initiate online sales earlier?

Selling quality olive oil is a long-term commitment. When we started years ago, it was impossible to index and determine the best olive oils worldwide, particularly because the rankings change every year. There are new producers with exceptional olive oils, and others who previously had high-quality oil, but that's no longer the case. Moreover, online and in-store sales cannot accommodate stock shortages. Thanks to the Dubai Olive Oil Competition, we have been able to list the best olive oils from around the world, and now we can finally focus on the most serious producers. However, from our end, we have been ready for sales for several years; we were simply waiting to gather as many producers as possible.

What are the advantages of online sales? 

Online sales offer several advantages. First, they provide a global reach, allowing you to sell your products to a worldwide audience. They also offer convenience, as customers can shop at any time of day from the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, online sales can reduce overhead costs, as there's no need for a physical storefront or sales staff. Finally, they offer powerful tools for tracking and understanding customer behavior, which can be used to optimize marketing strategies and increase sales

I have a very small production

That's not a problem at all. In fact, small production often signifies a focus on quality over quantity. Your presence on Best Olive Oils Store will help you reach a wider audience who appreciate premium olive oils. Remember, it's not about the volume of sales, but the value of each one. We provide the platform, and you provide the exquisite product.

How can I improve my ranking on your website?

The ranking on our website is automated and primarily based on the number of visitors your page receives. The more visitors your page attracts, the higher your brand will rank on the website. To assist in driving traffic and enhancing your professional marketing, you might consider utilizing services from
However, subscribing to our Premium or Ultra-Premium packages can also provide additional marketing support and potentially boost your brand's visibility.

I'm out of stock, what can I do?

Not being listed on our site means losing your reference among the world's best olive oils. If your supply has run out, it may be because it was sold too quickly at too low a price. Being online allows you to reach customers who will appreciate your olive oil at the best price for you, and they may be willing to wait until your next harvest. We can even give them the option to pre-order your bottles, which allows you to start the season with a number of pre-orders already in place.

What commission do you take on sales?

We take no commission at all. You are free to set and modify the selling price as you see fit. The difference between the selling price found online and the price you've chosen is the added VAT and banking fees, possibly taxes if applicable. The cost of transport is added at the end of the order. Therefore, we do not take any commission on sales.

Why don't you take commissions?

Our business model differs from the typical "buy low, sell high" scheme that many engage in. We believe that by eliminating intermediaries, we are able to provide a direct connection between you and your customers. This strategy increases your added value and allows you to reinvest a portion of your profits in marketing. Consequently, our primary source of income comes from As we've previously explained, there can't be any sales without marketing; you need to make yourself known for customers to choose you.

How can I sell in your stores?

We have created a page that explains exactly how to sell in our stores. Before opening the franchises to everyone, we will give you the priority to invest in our stores, thus providing you with sales spaces all over the world. This way, your company can go from the olive tree to the end customer in the world's most beautiful capitals where luxury olive oils are rare and highly sought after.

How should I determine my selling price?

You are at liberty to determine your selling price and can adjust it at any point based on factors such as your stock availability, competition pricing, and other market considerations.

How does the shipping and shipping costs work from my location to the final customers? 

Shipping bottles from your location, which is likely in a producing country, unfortunately yields the least value as sending the bottles individually is not only very expensive but also takes a lot of time. The solution to this is to use the stores we are going to open worldwide as storage locations to have bottles readily available and directly cleared through customs in the consumer countries. This not only allows us to have very low prices as we consolidate the bottles to send them in containers to the stores, but also the shipping cost in the countries where the stores are located, like Dubai or the United States, is very low and more importantly, it's extremely fast. For example, in Dubai, bottles can be delivered in just a few hours for less than 4 euros per bottle, whereas sending a bottle to Dubai from Europe costs more than 200 euros and takes about 2 to 3 days.

When are the payments processed after an online sale of my bottles?

When a sale is made online, a security measure ensures that the money is transferred to our account only between 5 and 7 days after the order is placed. Afterwards, we have the ability to transfer the received money to you either weekly or monthly depending on your volume of sales, it's your choice.

Can I edit the information on my e-commerce page?

The presentation page is very important, as it encapsulates your entire history and current news. Modern customers wish to have a close connection with the producers, so you can indeed modify your page as you wish, and at any time. To do this, you simply need to send us an email at

We hope that these questions and answers have met your expectations. If you still have any further queries, please do not hesitate to ask us, either by email or directly via message.

We welcome you to the largest network for selling high-end olive oils.