Dimitriadis Products

Brand history

Dimitriadis Products is a family run business in 4 generations. The company's mission has always been to produce the highest quality, purest olive oil. Each step of production is subject to the strictest procedures that have been perfected over generations. This succeeds us in that we have the entire production chain in hand and can therefore also control.

Founders and team

Founders: Stavros Dimitriadis & Despoina Papadopoulou-Dimitriadou
 CEO: Despoina Papadopoulou-Dimitriadou
Managing Director: Stavros Dimitriadis
Responsible for cultivation, care and harvesting: Leonidas Dimitriadis
Marketing: Konstantinos Papadopoulos
 Finances: Thania Iliou-Papadopoulou

Production methods

The harvest is done exclusively by hand. The advantage is the constant quality control of the harvest and can ensure that the fruits are at the right stage of ripeness. In addition, we ensure that the olives do not "press in" and thus damage the fruit. The harvest is taken the same day to the oil mill, where it is processed using the cold pressing method. The idea is simple and effective! When using a cold pressing method, the heat is reduced during the pressing process and the oil retains more of its natural flavor and preserves important nutrients and antioxidants. In addition, we use a certified extraction machine, which has the advantage of not adding water and offers the versatility of a centrifuge.

Olive oil varieties


This variety comes from the region of Chalkidiki in northern Greece. Its fruits are cylindroconical in shape and have a nipple. They are green in colour and turn golden yellow when ripe. The average weight of the fruit is between 5 and 14 g. The olive fruit is very large and gives olive oil rich in beneficial phenolic compounds, with aromas of grass, herbs, pepper and tomato with a balanced but intense bitter and spicy taste. It is considered to be a very productive variety, very resistant to drought and very resistant to cold. It grows on all soils, even on arid stony soils and has a relatively good resistance to soil salinity. The fruit is commercially available plain, stuffed and in rings.


Medium-fruited variety with oval fruit shape, dual purpose, i.e. oilseed and table, green or black. It is cultivated throughout Greece. It is a medium-sized tree with long, pointed leaves. The fruit varies greatly in size and shape and is very similar to the Koroneiki but is larger. The tree is very resistant to cold and drought (non-watering cultivation) and is very productive when given basic cultivation care, providing oil of excellent quality. The oil content of the fruit is around 25 %, rising to 30 % with more intensive cultivation, and the fruit is also used to make preserves (green crushed and black pressed).

Local variety olives from Serres:

It is characterized as a medium-fruited variety and has cylindroconical fruits, mainly used as an olive oil producing variety. The branches are more flexible than those of other varieties, so that they can hold the weight of the snow, for a long time without breaking and returning to their original position after bad weather. It is a variety resistant to cold, soil and atmospheric moisture. The fruit ripens in November and early December.