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The requirement for excellent quality, respect of the environment and the innovation through research form the factors for the production of EnKardia products.

We produce products of high quality and nutritional value:
• Completely natural, without any artificial supplements or preservators.
• With excellent preservation of the olive oil (using nitrogen in starage tanks).
• Awarded with international and national certifications.

We create and maintain a network of completely satisfied customers.

We reinforce the promotion of a universal network of proud ambassadors, sharing knowledge of the Mediterranean diet and authenticity and high quality, of Greek products.

We support Greek Entrepreneurship, by taking part in European Programs for business and agriculture.

We strive for the high quality of our products through research and innovation:
• Investing in the knowledge and skills of enKardia team members.
• Creating competitive products in communications, presentations and packaging.

EnKardia Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It is produced exclusively by high quality olives collected by hand one-by-one. The pressing happens at the same time while harvesting at 27°C.
The production’s methodology, the micro-climate of Geraki and the special variety of olive trees make EnKardia Extra Virgin Olive Oil a tasty extra virgin olive oil of perfect quality.
It has a nice green color and special fruity flavor which leaves a light burn and soft aftertaste.
Harvesting starts in mid-October when the fruit is still green, making the oil of high quality, giving it unique organoleptic properties, fruity scent and remarkable flavor.
The fruit is collected by hand and the processing of pressing happens at the same time while harvesting at 27°C solely with mechanical methods. It is stored in a tank with nitrogen provision and controlled temperature. The nitrogen blocks the contact between air and olive oil thus oxidization is avoided.
It is bottled according to specifications in painted glass bottles which protectit from light, and in which it can be well preserved for a great amount of time (18 months).
It is a product of high dietary value which represents the foundation of the mediterranean diet.
According to laboratory analysis, it satisfies the criteria of European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) where written health claims.

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The olive oil production process in EnKardia follows best practices with respect to the environment and tradition, while using innovative certified techniques to maximize the quality of extra virgin olive oil.

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