Frantoio Mennella

Antico Frantoio Mennella

A history of roots

Each olive, like a gold nugget, is a little treasure. To the good olive grower, the task of enhancing it. Choosing the best, treating them with the respect they demand and adopting the most natural manufacturing processes. This is the philosophy of the Antico Frantoio Mennella, this is the philosophy of our extra virgin olive oil.

The roots of a family ... the roots of an olive grove.


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The new Antico Frantoio Mennella

"The entire supply chain uses only renewable energy.

Each of the approximately 3,500 plants available to the Antico Frantoio Mennella, including several centuries-old trees, is carefully cared for. The olives are harvested before they touch the ground, to prevent their organoleptic properties from being altered. A few hours after harvesting, the olives are already being pressed, rigorously cold, in order to preserve all the scents. The result of this work, suspended between tradition and innovation, is a 100% Italian olive oil, with the most genuine scents. To ensure the quality of our products, we have decided to limit the production to only two labels, strong fruity and medium fruity, each available in 999 bottles.


The Ancient Frantoio rediscovered

" When I was born, my father planted olive trees which I still work today. Luca Mennella

The history of the Antico Frantoio Mennella is the history of rediscovered roots. Those of the Mennella family, always linked to olive trees, which he cultivated according to the tradition of the Alburni mountains, where he resided. A tradition rediscovered by Luca and Anna, who, after a long pilgrimage, have rediscovered their roots in these lands. Here, between Controne, Serre and Postiglione, the last heirs of the Mennella family have rebuilt a new oil mill, which brings together a much more ambitious project. That of giving a product of Italian excellence, worked with respect for tradition.