Frantoio Sallemi


The Sallemi company has been operating in the oil sector since 1873. Since then the Sallemi family has boasted a long tradition characterized by seriousness, honesty and professionalism. Thanks to a state-of-the-art oil mill and the storage of the oil in silos with a nitrogen system, in air-conditioned rooms that allow for the production and conservation of a high quality extra virgin olive oil. During the pressing, the mill is transformed into a square, waiting becomes an opportunity to discuss and to chat. A meeting place, a sort of permanent assembly.



 Since 1873 to produce our oils we use a selection of the best cultivars on the island, each with its own characteristics and peculiarities.
 In our production the protagonist is definitely the Tonda Iblea that grows in the Chiaramonte Gulfi area a few kilometers from our oil mill, but you can not miss the Nocellara del Belice, the Biancolilla and the Verdese.
It is thanks to our experience and the result of continuous research that we have learned to enhance the flavors of these natural treasures. A wide selection of extra virgin olive oils, available in different sizes, created to satisfy the most demanding palates.


For our flavored oils we wanted to follow a very simple principle: combine a quality and award-winning extra virgin olive oil with the best raw material available in the area.
 To keep intact and enhance the fragrance and aroma, the carefully selected ingredients are crushed together with the olives and left to knead together for about an hour.
At the end of the process, by centrifuging the obtained paste, the flavored oil is extracted, where the taste of the extra virgin olive oil is combined with the aromas in a marriage of perfectly balanced flavors and able to enhance the fragrances of our land.

 This is how Mola are born, flavored oils with lemon, basil and chili. Just a few drops raw to give your dishes a touch of Sicily scent.


The tin size of 3 or 5 lt is the ideal solution for families and for those who never want to stay without its quality extra virgin olive oil or want to share it with friends and relatives. Milk is a practical alternative to other bottle sizes, perfect for those who want to stock up all year.